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Mastering Instagram stories

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On this day you will become a master at Instagram stories (waves magic wand). We all wish things could be that easy, but it can be over time. In this day nearly everyone has some sort of social media rather it be Facebook or Instagram or both! Therefore, as business owners we have to take advantage of the opportunity to reach more clients with these tools. We are here to assist you along the way, just like we gave you the 5 reasons: Your business needs a blog. Time, patience and consistency will lead ultimately lead you to mastering Instagram stories.

However, you cannot talk about Instagram and Facebook without mentioning SnapChat. In comparison, Instagram stories surpassed SnapChat activity stated from the Business Insider. We will cover this topic in another article.

Our job is to find you the best articles to help you along the way!

The benefits of Instagram stories:

  • Build your brand
  • Connect with your followers daily without worrying too much about your posting theme
  • Gives your business life and expression


The coolest thing about Instagram is that it links up to your business Facebook account as well. Not only can you share your Instagram post to Facebook, but your stories will go to Facebook stories too! Now this creates efficiency in our busy world of social media management and being a entrepreneur.


We use our Instagram to post our photography work which allows for us to express our creative expression to the world without having to be so formal; we are more than just Marketing Consultants. We are creative professionals.





How to use Instagram Stories like a pro

  • How to change the pen size and style
  • How to add color overlays
  • How to rotate a video before adding to your story
  • How to chop and upload a video longer than 15 seconds
  • How to add a link (only for verified accounts) and more


Would you like more advise or simply need someone to manage your social media sites?

We will be excited to assist with your company’s goal at building a solid digital footprint for your business. Contact us today at JDot Media.

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