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5 Reasons: Your business needs a blog

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Congratulations you’ve taken the leap to starting your own business venture in the world of entrepreneurship. This is a big step that shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, between creating your business idea and business plan, you need an efficient and cost effective marketing plan. Blogging should be a part of your plan and keep a solid blog post schedule. If that is difficult, you can always hire ghost writers!

Included with this article we will help you with the:

We’ve taken the time to research the web to find the best articles to help you along your way to success. Keeping in mind that with success there must be patience and determination.


5 Reasons why your business needs a blog:
  1. Blogs provide cost effective marketing and SEO for your company website
  2. Helps your company become reputable as subject matter experts. People like to buy from companies who are knowledgeable on their products or services.
  3. Opportunities to gain public exposure as industry experts and interviewed by journalists. Get in the news!
  4. Provide more insight to your consumers on your company’s brand. Blog topics include your business philosophy, employees, achievements and more!
  5. Blogs attract more customers according to recent surveys!
Blog rules:

Yes, there are rules! Following the simple rules adds to your credibility and avoids any legal issues regarding plagiarism.

  1. Do not borrow images from the internet – Use royalty free images
  2. Be sure to link back to all sources that you obtain your information from
  3. Have fun and respond to all of the feedback to guide your blog in the right direction!

Find more information here with an article by Anita Dunai and the Kinsta Team: Blogging Rules

How to start the blog:

This is the step by step guide here for getting your blog started!

Article by award winning blogger Mathew Woodward: How to start a blog

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