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Facebook Ads – Not Working?

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Facebook Ads – Not Working?

We all know that Facebook, Instagram etc. are all great platforms to advertise on. However, many of us have not had the success that we anticipated when spending hundreds of dollars over time and only resulting in a lot of views. Well, I have good news and bad news. Which would you like first? Haha…Bad news first.

The bad news is that you are wasting your money in the fact that you are looking for a large response with placing an ad or boosting a post and think it is just simple as that! In addition, possibly thinking that the red sea will part and the flow of people or business will follow the path to your business! The good news is that you are only a quarter of the way there, but it is good start with Facebook ads.

One of many reasons why you are paying a lot and not getting much of a return is because Facebook gives your ads a relevancy score. This score is calculated by how many clicks your ad gets. Clicks equals higher score, simple right?! Sounds like it, but its quite challenging for the person that does not completely understand the algorithm.  However, lets say you understand the formula now. The challenge is designing the ad with the right content, right audience and time to monitor the progress. Awesome, now what about your business?

Learn more about Facebook Relevancy score

We were in the same position! Now, we have spent the time needed to research and become a professional in the social media advertising and marketing platforms. Our expertise helps clients reach there ultimate goal of generating leads or getting people to show up to their training and online seminars.

We design ads to:

  • Target specific audiences
  • Re-target your existing clients
  • Generate leads
  • And much, much more!

This is better than print ads and magazine advertising because we manage your campaign and can adjust to your audience as we go.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to build your advertising campaign and FREE up time and money.

Are you ready to get started right now? Call us at (321) 608-1923

JDot Media Team

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