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CBRCC Business Champion of the Month Nomination!

Feb 17 Community Comments off

Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce

JDot Media has been officially nominated for business champion of the month by our local Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce!

Do you know what this means to us as a small business? It means that we are making an impact in our community with assisting businesses achieve success with their goals and visions. This is one small step in building our reputation as the go-to marketing firm in Brevard County, State of Florida and worldwide!


If we win, and it’s a big if…because the list of nominees was a hall of fame class with the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, for example the Brevard Humane Society, Remax Aerospace Realty – Lee Romano and many more! The CBRCC is dedicated to their members and want us all to succeed, therefore we would win approximately $10,000 in marketing and advertising for one month (this includes a big digital billboard)! As an existing member, as typical business thrives for success, we’ve had our challenges as well. However, when times get tough we lean on our other partners within the CBRCC to lift us up and keep us moving in the right direction.

One of our mentors is Ron Burford (Brand-U TV), followed by Claudio Rosado (Phone Medics Plus) and Becky Watson (A1A Optics) which is also an existing client. I could continue on with the many, many people who have supported us from our first day at the CBRCC, just know that you are not gone unrecognized. These types of relationships have not only been beneficial in the business environment, they’ve also built a bond to work as a team towards our goals, sharing ideas and genuinely support each other.

Are you a chamber member?

If you are not apart of the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce, then what are you waiting for?  Come join the party!

Contact us and I can make sure you talk to the right person to walk you along to your first new partner orientation!

Last thing, before you go!

If you’re reading this now, we probably did not win! However, we still can win the remaining months of 2018.
We would greatly appreciate if you would take a few minutes to recognize us again for an opportunity to win the following months throughout the year.


Article by: Dana White

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