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2018 Employee of the 1Q

Apr 28 JDot Media Team Comments off

2018 Employee of the 1st quarter!


Charles L.

    Charles is in Business Developing specializing in bettering our business and ensuring client satisfaction! He is a retired Master Sergeant and veteran of the Air Force Reserves, from the 308th Rescue unit at Patrick AFB, FL. Charles’s passionate dedication to our clients are exceptional which has earned him this great recognition. Our clients (ie. Phone Medics Plus, A1A Optics and many more) require a huge commitment from our services that contribute to their businesses overall success. Charles has made tremendous sacrifices in order to uphold our standards.

The teamwork, dedication and quality of work has earned him this recognition of achievement. As a retired veteran, we all know that we could just sit back with our feet up on the coffee table watching a sports game or movies all day, but Charles decides to keep pushing us towards success.


We stand together and we are committed to this long journey in making JDot Media a success. We are proud of each and everyone of you. Our research and expertise will continue to make strides in our industry towards success. Those who doubt us will stand by and watch before they want to join us or ask the infamous question “How did you do it”?

It’s all about the sacrifices for what we want now, for what we want the most!

Please help us congratulate him on this wonderful achievement!

Thank you,

JDot Media Team




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