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Persistence & Dedication

Apr 29 JDot Media Team Comments off

Persistence and Dedication to be successful, actually pays off!


Pedro P.

    Congrats Pedro on completing your Bachelors degree of arts in Business Management from Saint Leo University! This is a big deal, based upon all of the steps that your journey has presented in front of you and despite them all, you continue to rise! This is what helps JDot Media be who we are today with individuals on our team such as yourself.

We are all proud of you!

Pedro is a veteran of the United States Air Force and is our Account Manager at JDot Media. There is not enough to be said about this gentleman and scholar. His professionalism, wisdom and knowledge combined places him in a category of his own. This is one of the reasons why we recruited him! Our team of knowledgeable individuals exemplifies true excellence in all that we do to better serve our clients. Although, Pedro is a focused individual capable of reaching his goals on his own; he could not do it without the support of his loving friends and family.

I’ve known Pedro personally for about 12 years and he is a great example to his 2 sons, family, friends and to me. He has a long history of loving sports, however, one of Pedro’s biggest hobbies are to play basketball. Some play golf, some attend dinners; however, if you are a basketball fan and would like to win him over in a business meeting, just ask him to a game of 1 on 1……but let him WIN! Haha

We stand together and we are committed to this long journey in making JDot Media a success. Those who doubt us will stand by and watch before they want to join us or ask the infamous question “How did you do it”?

It’s all about the sacrifices for what we want now, for what we want the most!

Please help us congratulate him on this wonderful achievement!

Thank you,

JDot Media Team




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