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Missed our June photo events?

Jul 02 Photography Comments off

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Photography insight

    In the professional photography world “free photos” are frowned upon. The reason for this is simple, anyone can purchase a camera and call it photography. As a professional photographer we have the job of enhancing beauty and displaying it in its most creative form. All of this takes a lot of time and effort.

Beyond just taking a beautiful picture. This is just a few things we have to focus on to get to the final result.

  1. Camera settings: Focal length, Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, White balance, Focus points and more.
  2. Lighting: Natural light, Rim light, external lighting source settings and position etc.
  3. Background/Setting: This can be tough, we have to see what others cannot.
  4. Model(s): Now we can possibly think about the model and posing. We want our images to tell a story. Which requires creativity and perspective that sometimes cannot be planned and it requires quick thinking!
  5. Composition: We have to determine how we are going to frame the shot in camera and determine pay attention to leading lines etc.
  6. Taking the shot: Click, now if something is off we have to address all of these items and correct them in a matter of seconds which can be challenging at times, but yet rewarding!
  7. Editing: This is where we like to spend less time and get everything correct on location. However, post production allows for extended creativity to create that “one of a kind, memorable image”.

Now you know, it’s just not the camera that takes great photos! It is your photographer.

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