Our Team

Dana W.
Founder & CEO
Heide G.
Account Executive
Samuel B.
Account Executive
Evelyn B.
Account Executive
Ivan M.
Account Executive

Be Smart. Innovative.
& Creative with Our Strategies.

Our three step proven process of CREATE, DEFINE and BRAND will create opportunities for increased revenue, organize and automate your business with the latest technology/ strategic approach.

As a client, we establish a baseline and provide your business with monthly progress reports to allow for you to understand:

  • Existing Marketing Position
  • Ideal Marketing Position
  • Future Marketing Position

About Us

Full-Service Marketing Agency

There is much difficulty choosing the right marketing agency for your business. However, this means that when you choose us to be apart of your team, we come with all the necessary tools in order to get the job done for you. Since our inception in 2016, we have continued to evolve to be front runners in our industry by bringing innovative solutions to our clients.


Best In Class

JDOT Media has unique abilities to automate and integrate customized software solutions that is scalable to grow with your business. We ensure that our clients are provided with the real-time analytics and reporting that they need.


Dedication and Transparency

JDOT Media is dedicated to our client’s success. We truly believe in ensuring your business is properly positioned for success. Unlike other marketing agencies, we provide a suite of services custom designed for specifically your business. Our team has a unique set of talents to allow for clear understanding of your business prior to establishing a strategic marketing plan. All while providing honest and factual reporting.

Start automating your business today!

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