Being an entrepreneur is a difficult path to choose when inspiring to be successful in business. Sometimes you can reach a point where you say, “I built it, why aren’t they coming”? Speaking in terms of the consumers and evaluation of the products and services that you are offering could be great! You are essentially, waiting for a miracle. However, you are missing one important piece, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Now, many may already have a grasp on this topic however there are even more who do not. CSR is a corporate or business social responsibility to give back to their communities, provide sustainability efforts to help our environment and more that involves bettering our world. This is a debatable topic, in regards to other opinions, some may feel that it is not a corporation’s responsibility to make our world a better place. At JDot Media, we feel differently, since we live here sharing the air that we breathe, living on the land that sustains our way of living and procuring food on this place called earth. We feel entitled to do the best we can to contribute to a better way of living for all.

The benefits of CSR?

The benefits are unmeasurable! Simply joining your local chamber of commerce can be your first step at a small business applying CSR to their strategic planning. The chamber of commerce is a local business community that focuses on helping business owners achieve success. This is not only a great source for education, but also to support other business owners. We are apart of the Cocoa Beach Chamber Regional Chamber of Commerce. Since joining in 2017, we have been nominated for the best small business of the month three times and nominated for the best small business of the year in 2018! This recognition did not come from just having a business, it came from being involved in the community.

The best marketing and advertising ROI?

Applying CSR correctly, can save you tons of marketing and advertising with your budget! Simply, because you have extended your network that becomes a referral network and betters your business.  This is a great Return on Investment (ROI).

How to start today?

  1. Improving your Environment: Beach clean ups, habit for humanity etc.
  2. Philanthropy: Donating money, products or services to a greater cause
  3. Ethical labor practices: Treating employees good and fair. This would pertain to more global corporations
  4. Volunteering: This is where your local chamber will help promote this effort

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Our goals for you!

The objective is to ensure our clients have the best knowledge and know how to move forward with their business. We are here to help create, define and brand your business!

Feel free to contact us if you would like additional assistance with your business.

-JDot Media Team

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