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Want to hire a Drone Pilot?


    Flying a drone or sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) is a huge responsibility. All pilots that are flying must have their sUAS registered and they must be a registered remote pilot with a CFR 107 license (Part 107 license), if flying for business purposes. If you are a business seeking drone footage for video or photography, there should be important items that you should ask for.

  1. Ask for their certification number or look up their license online.
  2. Ensure that they are licensed and insured to cover any damages that can possibly occur for any unknown reason.
  3. Be sure you they know the flying class space that you are located in.

Search your pilot info:


At JDot Media, we are licensed and insured sUAS pilots, we can assist with any photography and video needs that your company may have!


What do you need to fly for a business?


  1. You need a CFR 107 license (FAA Remote Pilot – Part 107 Certification)
  2. Pre-Flight Checklist
  3. Maintain a flight log for each flight
  4. Know how to read an Aeronautical chart (Aviation maps)
  5. Know how to apply for waivers/authorizations to fly in restricted areas and more!


Example Aeronautical chart:


What is the training required?

Below are only listing a few points, there is much more training required. However, it is possible for anyone to obtain the certification with patience and a lot of studying.

  1. Read and understand Aviation maps (i.e. Airport classifications, Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower frequencies and more!
  2. Know Airplane flight paths when leaving the airport and approaches.
  3. Understand runway terminology, the degrees of the active runways.
  4. How to report flying accidents to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Become a licensed FAA Drone Pilot


What are a few rules?


  1. CAN NOT fly directly over people (unless they are apart of the flight crew).
  2. CAN NOT fly in certain airspace boundaries and within FIVE miles of an airport, unless you have an authorization or waiver.
  3. CAN NOT fly at night unless with an approved authorization/waiver.


Important Resources:

Register your drone online:



How to apply for a waiver/authorization?



NOTAM (Notice to Airmen)



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