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Chamber of Commerce

    We are proud to be selected as business of the month by the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce (CBRCC). We’ve been nominated in the past for monthly and annual business awards, however, this is our first time winning. The local chamber is a direct connection to assisting non-profits and supporting local businesses within our community. The chamber has proved to be a great network for our business with generating opportunities, connecting us to small businesses, and providing classes to educate business owners along their journey to success.  This award is supported based upon our dedication to conducting good business practices with our clients. We ensure our clients have the best service as possible; this drives our passion for success and those who support our business.

    This award carries great value to our team, due to the long hours, dedication and sacrifice that is required to providing a high level of quality service to our clients on a daily basis. In addition, balancing our objectives for conducting research and development to continue to innovate new ways of marketing. 


The Power of Networking

    The local chamber is a great way to start off your networking experience for your business. The power of building relationships and connections goes further than any social media ad or billboard that you spend within your budget. In business, people primarily choose the companies who they “know, like and trust”. The local chamber allows for you to crawl before you walk and build your business at a pace that is comfortable for you. However, those who show up to events and support other local businesses are usually the ones who are the most memorable. Therefore, being active in your community and referring business to other businesses demonstrates best networking practices.






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