Top 5 Business Tools!

If you are doing any of these, you are wasting time.
  1. Tracking your client information on an excel spreadsheet?
  2. Manually send out emails to each client?
  3. Writing your appointments in a physical calendar?
  4. Training your employees from a book or manual with written competency tests?

These are just a few….


If it’s not broke, why fix it?

    Our passion at JDot Media is assisting businesses with establishing their content, processes and automating their business. However, 10 years ago there were not as many virtual automation tools as there are today. In the past, Excel spreadsheets and Access databases were the advance tools to increase productivity. Although, those tools are still valuable today, there are many more that allows for more time, so that you can be more productive in managing your business.

In our ventures as marketing consultants, many companies require modifications to their processes and require a solid process to manage the influx of more business. Unfortunately, many do not even have a reliable client relationship management (CRM) platform. Although, many are resistant to change, it is inevitable. Therefore, accept change and understand without proper direction you are not working as efficiently as you think you are.


Be Careful!

    Automation tools can be dangerous and can be a black hole draining profits from your business that could have been better spent, if recognized sooner. For example, today’s automation tools are in the form of an online calendar, online shopping application, Client Relationship Management (CRM), email platforms and much more! They are designed to solve the problems of businesses and allow for more productivity and efficiency within the workplace.


Choosing the right tools

    Solving problems of a business is a big business within itself! Therefore, these tools can be very valuable. However, you should keep in mind a few things. They DO NOT solve all of your problems and definitely one software cannot solve all of your problems, but they can cover a lot, if not most.


Questions to consider before seeking a solution

  1. Identify your problem?
  2. How are you managing this issue?
  3. How much time can be saved?
  4. Is there a software application that exists that can correct the problem?
  5. What is your monthly or annual budget for the software?


Tips on choosing an Automation Software

  1. Research the software (i.e. scope of capabilities, reviews and demos).
  2. Compare pricing with your top 3 choices.
  3. Compare the Pros and Cons (advantages and disadvantages).
  4. Determine how well can it be absorbed by your team (the best software, may not be user friendly for the end user).


Top 5 Business Tools

  1. Reliable CRM software (i.e. Salesforce, Ontraport)

  2. Online calendar (i.e. Gsuite, Calendly)

  3. Training Platform (i.e. Trainual)

  4. Online payments (i.e. Paypal, Square, Stripe)

  5. Email newsletter (i.e. Mailchimp, Constant Contact)



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