Are You Texting Your Clients?

Did you know that the average American checks their phone approximately 150 times a day?

    We are marketing consultants and our ultimate goal for various types of companies is to drive more people to their business and to increase revenue. Therefore, many of our clients are business owners on the go and sometimes don’t pay close attention to the important emails and respond in a timely manner. Our objective is to ensure that we provide our clients with the best consulting services possible and have the tools to get the job done. We added a new tool to focus on utilizing new technology to help increase the efficiency of our clients with our innovative use for the text marketing software.


We’re sharing our text marketing platform with you!

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  • Send a campaign with a coupon to invite new customers
  • Use auto responders to send out coupons a few days after a customer’s first visit
  • Text Help Wanted Ads to attract New Staff
  • Send time-sensitive discounts to drive immediate traffic, speed up slowdowns, and fill chairs
  • Notify your customers about special events and musical guests and much more



  • Drive in-store and / or online sales
  • Text customers with special offers, coupons and limited time deals
  • Purchase and delivery notifications make the customer experience even better
  • Let customers know about your new stock “just in” and “going fast”
  • Use loyalty programs so people can register to receive special deals



  • Welcome New Members Automatically
  • Send Out Promotional Offers
  • Send Out Class Schedule or Maintenance Updates
  • Send Encouraging Texts to Keep Members Coming Back
  • Send Plan Renewal Reminders
  • Send Invite a Friend Campaigns including Free Trials



  • Decrease no-shows by sending appointment reminders that get read immediately
  • Send messages to clients offering them rewards for booking during your slow times
  • Send offers and promotions to entice repeat customers to come back again, more often
  • Send bring a spouse or friend offers to bring in new customers
  • Offer tips, advice and gift ideas



  • Texts can keep your members up to date and engaged
  • Send event notifications and reminders to drive better attendance
  • Connect and communicate with members instantly with no lag time
  • Send dues reminders
  • Send SMS surveys to sample the voice of your members and drive engagement
  • Ask for volunteers to help guide and work events and programs



  • Get real time leads as buyers are parked in front of your listings!
  • The buyers can open links in the text message to view photos or video of the interior
  • Send survey forms to prospects to narrow their listing focus
  • Build larger contact databases from Open House events and Social Media links


What are the benefits and ROI?

  • Newsletters or landing pages
  • Personalized kiosk tablet for reward/ loyalty program sign-ups and more!
  • Video messages and more!
  • Send automated messages to recapture past clients
  • Custom uses for “keywords” at events, public speaking and more
  • Live reporting to analyze the uses and effectiveness of various advertisement platforms


Who manages the software and sends messages?

The JDot Media Team manages the software and can provide monthly reports as requested. The messages are sent by our team and in a prompt manner to allow for less maintenance by our clients.

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